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Hotels in Spain

Being one of the World’s most popular tourist destinations, there are many hotels in Spain to choose from.
In Spain each of the seven regions give official ratings according to their own criteria. You can therefore not expect star ratings to be the same all over Spain. The only common factor for all regions is that they rate hotels as one, two, three, four or five star according to facility offered.

Many websites with search engines for
hotels in Spain have their own rating system. Look into each rating system to find out how they work, or even better find the hotels own website and read what facilities and services they can offer.

At the
seaside destinations many of the hotels are located on the beach or as near to the beach as possible. Often there will be outdoor restaurants and bars overlooking the sea where you can enjoy a delicious meal or have a nice drink. Many hotels are equipped with a large swimming pool, and most are especially prepared to cater for families with children.
In the cities the hotels are usually located close to city centers or near major tourist attractions. Some of the hotels have fitness and business centers and most will have a restaurant and bar.

City hotels would normally not focus on facilities for children, but they are ideal for shorter breaks and people on business trips. For younger travelers and budget travelers there are hostels and other cheap accommodation to be found.

If you
drive around Spain there are plenty of hotels to be found almost everywhere and they can be pretty good even if they look at bit worn down from the outside. The restaurants are usually quite simple, but the food is nice - often local and authentic. You will find many of these hotels along the major roads and you are unlucky if you stop at a hotel that is already fully booked.

In the high seasons, it is advisable to
book in advance if you want to stay at a hotel at one of the seaside destinations or in a major city. Off the peak season it is usually not difficult to find a hotel to stay, but remember that some of the seaside destinations are completely closed down off season, even the hotels. Off season you should always negotiate the price when you get to a hotel, it is not unusual that great discounts can be obtained, and if the first hotel does not give the discount the next most likely will. Remember that the hotels list price is the maximum they hope to be able to charge, and an empty room is lost revenue that the hotel cannot ever regain.

The star classification is a common one for rating hotels. Higher star ratings indicate more luxury. The AAA and their affiliated bodies use diamonds instead of stars to express hotel rating levels. In some countries, there is an official body with standard criteria for classifying hotels, but in many others there are none. To trust the classification for a specific hotel it is therefore important to know who has classified the hotel and if it is an official classification.

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